"Evil Dead 2 - Ed" Movie Halloween Mask

"Evil Dead 2 - Ed" Mask

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The end can come quick for a zombie. Poor Ed wasn't a deadite for long before Ash Williams chopped him up with an axe. Oh well, at least he got his fifteen minutes of horror flick fame. Whether you're a fan of the classic zombie movies, or just love a scary mask, this high-quality design will have you simultaneously delighted and freaked out. It makes a perfect addition to any collection of Hollywood memorabilia, and will help you create a shocking look for scaring local trick or treaters.

The Evil Dead 2 Ed Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a detailed design that will look just like the character from the movie. It features straw blond hair, dead white eyes, pale skin, and row after row of menacing teeth. With his jaws wide open, he's primed to take a bite out of his next victim. Hit the costume party with friends all dressed as different characters from the movie, or go as a solo walker, looking for a meal of juicy flesh. Add a movie-themed room to your haunted house and wow visitors with characters from popular films, or take a couple selfies for social media and call it a night.