"Duphus Dan" Halloween Mask

"Duphus Dan" Mask

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Duphus Dan grew up a little too close to the nuclear waste storage facility. Now, he's a grown man with about 1/8th of a sibling growing out of the side of his face. His parents kept him locked out of sight in the basement, but when a tornado split the house in half, Dan escaped. Keep your eyes peeled when you're walking alone. Rumor has it those two mouths have quite the appetite for human flesh.

Create a freaky character for trick or treating this year with the Duphus Dan Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. This amazingly detailed latex design covers the bottom half of your face, turning your mouth into a grotesque jumble of crooked teeth. Off to the side, a smaller conjoined head juts out. Wear makeup for a seamless transition between the mask and your skin, or go without for an equally creepy effect. Add a new character to your haunted house experience, scare the wits out of the local kids, or hit that raging costume party with your friends. Duphus Dan is sure to make an impression on everyone he meets.