"Devil Feet - Satan Feet" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Devil Feet - Satan Feet" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Creak, creak, creak... Something is moving down the hallway outside your bedchamber. Is it a raccoon who has snuck into your abode, a family member in need late at night? Perhaps it's something more sinister. Satan himself has come to offer you a dark deal; money, fame and respect, for the price of your soul. As devil feet saunter towards your room, you contemplate his offer.

Devil feet from The Horror Dome are expertly crafted, one size fits most footwear that will put the finishing touches on a classic Satan costume. Red, bony feet with long black toenails, these highly-detailed costume accessories are perfect for wear with devil hands, tail and mask. The ultimate villain, Beelzebub will make a splendid addition to any haunted house attraction, and is always a popular Halloween choice. Whether you choose to wear a full devil body suit, complete with red flesh, wear a long black cape, or dress up in a dapper tux, these feet will look outstanding.

From freaking out the local trick or treaters to causing mischief around town, these cinema-quality Halloween costume props are up to the task.