DEMENTED JACK IN THE BOX Halloween Animatronic

"Demented Jack in the Box" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Production on this product is booked up until October. This product will not ship until after October 2022.


This sprawling old mansions features a playroom for the family's children. Little did they know, they built this happy place right on top of a portal to Hell. Evil spirits creeped out from the underworld and one by one, possessed all of the children's toys. Their leader? A Demented Jack in the Box who springs to life to take a bite out of his victim. Playtime is over when this demonic jester decides it's time to feast. The Demented Jack in the Box Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome will be an eye-catching and fear-inducing centerpiece to your haunted house's room of twisted toys. Towering over your visitors at almost ten feet tall when fully extended, this murderous monster can be operated with a pair of switches. Wait until onlookers approach with morbid curiosity before starting the classic "pop goes the weasel" song. As it nears it's end, the music detunes and they know something is wrong. A moment later, Jack attacks.