"Creepy the Clown" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Creepy the Clown" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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What better way for a psychotic killer to get close to unsuspecting children than dressing as a lovable circus clown and learning a few simple tricks? Once this amiable fellow lures unlucky kids in with the promise of a pretty red balloon, he suddenly shows his true self; a murderous madman who kills for pleasure. His victims scream for help, but their fate may already be sealed. Soon, they'll be hanging from the tightrope in his demented big top. The Creepy the Clown Halloween animatronic will have your guests with a fear of clowns bolting for the exits. This two-faced jester seems like your everyday entertainer as he casually leans on a lamppost and blows up a balloon. While his face is obscured, his mug turns menacing. The prop is then lowered as a burst or air hits the crowd, and they gasp in horror at his new look. Creepy will be an amazing addition to your three rings of terror.