"Clown Shoes - Red/Yellow" Deluxe Halloween Costume Shoes

"Clown Shoes - Red/Yellow" Deluxe Halloween Costume Shoes

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There's nothing like partying with a clown when you're a kid. These benevolent bozos are great at performing tricks, playing jokes, and making fun balloon animals. Maybe they will squirt you with a classic spray flower gag, or paint your face to look like a kitty cat. Give your child and their friends a memorable delight with a fantastic clown costume and a few simple tricks. You'll be the most popular jester in town.

Put the finishing touches on an amazing outfit with oversized Deluxe Red and Yellow Clown shoes from The Horror Dome. These shoes feature a two-toned design, complete with yellow stars and a slight heel. One size fits most adult men, these goofy kicks are made from high-quality materials and won't easily fall apart.

Clowns can be friendly and fun, or murderous and terrifying. Step into your new role as an entertainer, or create a killer-clown character for Halloween. Complete your costumes for the twisted big top, and treat guests at your haunted house to three rings of gruesome gore. Or make a balloon horsey for your kid. The choice is up to you.