"Clown Jumpsuit - Red" Value Halloween Costume

"Clown Jumpsuit - Red" Costume

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Send in the clowns! Everybody loves these friendly and gregarious jesters. With colorful clothes, hilarious antics, and unparalleled balloon animal-making skills, these jovial jokesters are popular with kids and adults alike. Who cares if every now and then one of them cracks under the stress of constantly being ridiculed and goes on a deranged killing spree? At the end of the day most of these affable bozos won't harm a hair on your head.

Whether you're entertaining kids at a birthday party, or creating a murderous psychopath look for trick or treating, you'll enjoy the premium Clown Jumpsuit Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This full body suit is mostly red with multi-color stars. It includes a large, rainbow-colored collar, and a matching hat. Simply add some makeup and a pair of oversized shoes, and you're all set for an afternoon of clowning around. Wear a killer clown mask from The Horror Dome, and this vivid jumpsuit will quickly take a dark turn. From a kid-friendly look, to a clown costume that will send your coulrophobic friends running to the hills, this jumpsuit can do it all.

One size fits most adults. Shoes not included. Colors and patterns may vary. Cotton.