"Black Pleated Velour Witch" Halloween Costume Hat

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Whether you're a classic sorcerer who spends moonless nights making wicked potions in your cauldron, or a modern witch who prefers kombucha and meditation to newt eyes and spell casting, you know the importance of a good hat. These fabulous accessories are more than just must-have fashion; the wide brim shields your eyes from the light of dusk or dawn, and the pointy top helps concentrate your magical powers. Make sure you have a fantastic hat in your collection. Don't fly away on your broom without one.

No witch costume is complete without the black pleated velour Witch Hat from The Horror Dome. Seventeen inches high and 19"" in diameter, this amazing design will fit most adults. Made from quality black velour, this hat also features a dark purple band and oversized buckle. When you think of ""Witch Hat,"" this is the iconic style that pops into your mind.

Trick or treat with the family, welcome local kids to your house with a bowl of candy and a friendly smile, or terrorize visitors to your haunted house attraction in this well-made hat.

17 inches high and 19 inches in diameter with silver buckle hat band. One size fits most adults. Black velour with non-removable purple band.