"Big Meat Cleaver" Horror Weapon Halloween Prop

"Big Meat Cleaver" Horror Weapon Halloween Prop

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Whether you're a mad scientist planning an evil experiment, a hungry cannibal who is aching for a snack, or a serial killer who enjoys capturing people of the street and torturing them in his basement, you know the easiest way to hack off your victims limbs are with a Big Meat Cleaver. With a nice sharp blade and the weight to back it up, this fine cutlery will do the trick, no problem.

The Big Meat Cleaver Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is incredibly lifelike. Set a disturbing scene in your haunted house with this large rectangular knife. The Meat Cleaver prop is made from hard polyurethane and over 14"" long. It's durable and tough, just like the real thing. Splotches of blood and an old time-y wooden hand round out the look.

Dress as a berserk butcher with this amazing cleaver and a bloody white apron. Chase patrons out of your restaurant as a stressed chef gone mad, or compose a grisly murder scene, complete with dismembered corpses and plenty of blood and guts. Bring home a shockingly real-looking Hollywood-quality prop today.

Hard polyurethane construction. 1.2 foot long. 15 x 5".