"Bat" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 4'

"Bat" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 4'

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If you listen very closely at night, you can here the clicking of the vampire Bat's echolocation. An almost supernatural 6th sense, this sinister sonar helps the winged mammal find his prey in the dark. As he stalks you through the evening, you wonder, is this a bloodthirsty rodent looking for a quick meal, or a vampire in bat form who wants to steal your body and soul?

The Hanging Bat Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a 4' tall creature with creepy red LED eyes. With an angry face, wide-open mouth, sharp, menacing teeth, and eerily humanoid hands, this beastly bat seems to be more than your average nocturnal predator. With a body obscured by tattered clothes, it seems this bat is capable of taking human form.

This prop is perfect for setting the scene at your spooky cocktail party, and will make a great set piece in your haunted house attraction. Hang it on the porch on Halloween and let his bright red eyes lead petrified trick or treaters to your front door. Hide him around a corner and listen in delight as he startles your friends and guests.

48 x 50 x 8" Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Sound activated.