"Barrel Spitter Skeleton" Halloween Animatronic

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The barrel spitter or AKA Embalming Spitter is a ready to run prop that features a 55gal steel drum, skeleton with steel sub-frame, a DC barrel lifter, and spitter mechanism that lifts a skeletal torso 22" out of the barrel and is designed for constant submersion.

Program is setup to detect movement, delay 5 seconds, before ejecting the skeleton upwards and towards your viewers while spitting a heavy mist of water. Skeleton will lower and rise a couple seconds later for one final spray before resetting with a programmed 40 second delay between fires.

This kit includes everything needed to run including flow controls for adjusting the lift and decent speeds, and all required airlines for connection to your compressor line. Prop requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.

Size 26" x 26" x 34"