"Bad Betty Zombie" Halloween Prop

"Bad Betty Zombie" Halloween Prop

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Bad Betty wouldn't behave, so her parents sent her to her room. She was so upset, she was willing to do anything to get back at them, so she made a deal with the Devil. Now Betty is completely possessed by demons. Almost no trace of the happy youngster remains. She howls, cackles and spits at anyone who tries to ease her suffering. Gripping her naked babydoll with all of her might, she's in desperate need of an exorcism.

The Bad Betty Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a shocking statue that will give your guests nightmares for months to come. About 48" tall, she's about the size of your average 6 or 7-year-old. She has a gnarly, mangled face that is making a menacing expression as blood drips from her mouth. Her skin is a pale, rotting grey, and her legs are covered in lesions. She holds a tiny babydoll and appears to be frightened, yet ready to strike. Add a new character to your zombie apocalypse or exorcism scene with the Bad Betty prop. She's an unsettling design that won't disappoint.

Approx 48" tall and 16" wide.