Jack Goodman American Werewolf Halloween Prop

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Custom made in the USA. Please allow 6 - 8 Weeks for Delivery.

While backpacking across England with his pal, this unfortunate young fellow made the terrible mistake of getting lost in the moors on the night of a full moon. Failing to heed the advice of locals, these two intrepid fellows paid the ultimate price. His partner, deceased and trapped in limbo for eternity, and himself, infected with the curse of the Werewolf. Seek refuge for the night if you find yourself traveling through this dark country. Better to arrive late, than dead. The Jack Goodman American Werewolf Halloween prop is a Hollywood-quality design that will delight fans of the American Werewolf in London series, and horrify the neighborhood trick or treaters. Manufactured by hand, this shockingly realistic decoration is made from choice materials and features a resin skull and skin, and eerily lifelike glass eyes. Detailed by the expert artists at The Horror Dome, it'll be an amazing addition to any collection of silver screen memorabilia.