"Alien Ambush" Sci-Fi Animatronic Barrel

"Alien Ambush" Sci-Fi Animatronic Barrel

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Deep underground in this secret government facility, human scientists and reptilian extraterrestrials have been working side by side against a common enemy. The classic little green man, this alien has no empathy, sense of humor, or love of the arts. Their race is one bent on one thing and one thing only; conquering the galaxy. Hoping to invade Earth before proper defenses can be built, they've sent an expeditionary force to sabotage the labs at Area 51. Can you stop them before they destroy our planet's only hope?

The Alien Ambush Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome features an angry ET who pops up out of a barrel of toxic, Area 51 ooze. A rather unassuming barrel, your guests will be truly shocked with this little guy's menacing mug pops out of the top. Trigger it with a motion sensor or pressure pad, and make sure you catch your visitors when they lease expect it. This animatronic comes with a fog machine, tape player and sound effects. Take the UFO research room in your haunted house to the next level with this freaky design.

Pops up with the throw of a switch or optional pressure pad / motion detector. Includes fog machine, tape player, tape and amp. Requires 100 psi air compressor. 3-D UV EFX.