Zombie Halloween Masks


Whether you're roaming the land as a solo walker, or joining with your friends to become an undead horde, you'll enjoy the shocking realism and professional detailing on premium Zombie masks from The Horror Dome.

In this grotesque selection you'll find a number of unique characters who all share a lust for fresh juicy human brains. Your neighbors will think the zombie apocalypse is under way when they glimpse you staggering down the street in one of these cinema-quality designs.

With ripped, decaying skin, moldy, bloody sores, glossed over, rolled back, or gouged out eyes and a menacing snarl, these bone-chilling zombie masks will have even the most experienced monster hunters running for the hills. Hand painted and crafted by the demented artists at The Horror Dome, these lifelike zombie masks look like the were swiped off the set of a Hollywood movie.

Treat guests to an undead adventure in your haunted house, turn heads at the next costume party, or create mischief around town. Made from choice materials, masks from this selection are durable and long lasting. From collectors to kids, professionals and pranksters, there's something for everyone in this line.

76 products

76 products