Comfort Fit Masks


    Looking for a pro-quality design that's comfortable and not hot to wear? Turn to our comfort fit mask selection from The Horror Dome. An industry leader for decades, The Horror Dome knows how to cram maximum fright into an affordable package. Stalk the land as an evil grim reaper, looking to steal souls before it's their time, freak out the local trick or treaters with a mutilated, twisted face, and browse a number of other bone-chilling designs.

    Take home an unforgettable look for the masquerade ball, greet guests on Halloween with a bone-chilling character, or sneak up on your roommate as they walk home from work. However you choose to wear them, demons, monsters and ghouls from this collection are sure to leave a lasting impression. Manufactured from durable materials, you'll find yourself going back to these terrifying masks again and again.

    Add a unique fiend to your collection of macabre merchandise, or give a nightmare-inducing gift to a young friend or family member who is infatuated with horror movies. Stock up on a range of designs and have a new ghastly look for every night of the season.

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