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Test Collection

  • Professional Halloween Animatronics

    Featuring our exclusive collection of high-quality Professional Halloween Props. Hand-painted, hand-haired and only available at!
  • Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Props

    Decorate with your favorite fictional creatures with our Alien / Sci-Fi Halloween Props, from first contact with friendly greys to domination by our new evil alien overlords.
  • Bloody Body Parts & Blood

    The most violent, bloody haunted house needs plenty of background setting, and you'll find the most realistic gore in Bloody Body Parts & Blood area.
  • Bloody Animal Halloween Props

    A popular movie trope is the animal-torturing killer, so bring that look to your haunted house with our Bloody Animal Halloween Props.
  • Bloody / Gory Halloween Props

    If you aren't sure what you want, but you just know it needs to be bloody and gory, we have a general selection of Bloody / Gory Halloween Props here!
  • Bloody Body Halloween Props

    Every haunted house needs a torture/murder room, and we've got you covered with our Bloody Body Halloween Props.
  • Possessed Portraits

    The perfect inexpensive wall setting for haunted houses and home decor, our changing Possessed Portraits will have your guests creeped out!
  • Collector Props & Statues

    Our Collector Props & Statues are extremely high-quality, museum-worthy pieces of art. Perfect for whether you're collecting for home, or decorating your haunted house!
  • Creepy Clown Halloween Props

    Everybody loves the juxtaposition of the horror clown - what else is so scary that's meant to be pure fun? Create your own haunted circus with our Creepy Clown Halloween Props.
  • Puppets, Dolls and Ventriloquist Dummies

    Some of our most popular Halloween Props can also be used as costume accessories. These creepy Puppets, Dolls and Ventriloquist Dummies will be a unique way to interact with your guests.
  • Frozen Body Halloween Props

    Some killers prefer to preserve their prizes on ice. With our Frozen Body Halloween Props you can complete the look!
  • Full Body Halloween Props

    From gory bodies to zombies and much more, we've made a general collection of our Full Body Halloween Props.
  • Full Size Creature Halloween Props

    A great haunted house needs a major set piece, and our Full Size Creature Halloween Props help create that real life immersive experience.
  • Gargoyle Halloween Props

    Whether alive and moving or still as a statue, our Gargoyle Halloween Props will help complete the look of your haunted house.
  • Half Body Halloween Props

    Do you want your haunted house to have just a little more edge than "just" dead bodies? Try our Half Body Halloween Props for that little something extra.
  • Hanging Halloween Props

    A haunted house should be more than just on eye level - these Hanging Halloween Props feature ghosts, hanging bodybags and more!
  • Horror Busts & Models

    Mostly for collectors, our Horror Busts & Models look great for home Halloween decor but can also work in a haunted house.
  • Horror Weapon Halloween Props

    Knives, saws, cleavers and more - spread these Horror Weapon Halloween Props around your haunted house for a killer look.
  • Lab Incubator Halloween Props

    Mad scientist laboratories, haunted hospitals and more look amazing with our Lab Incubator Halloween Props.
  • Severed Head Halloween Props

    One of our best-selling categories, featuring plenty of custom products, our Severed Head Halloween Props are known across the industry for their high quality.
  • Skeleton Halloween Props

    Whether for a dungeon, graveyard or just general home decoration, our Skeleton Halloween Props are a necessary part of any haunted house.
  • Monsters & Killers Standing Halloween Props

    These Monsters & Killers Standing Halloween Props are full-size Halloween Props for decorating your home or haunted house.
  • Ventriloquist Dummies

    Right up there with clowns, Ventriloquist Dummies have scared people for generations just by being "not quite right". Now you can get your own and try it yourself!
  • Zombie Halloween Props

    With the success of The Walking Dead, and re-emergence of the genre, what's more popular these days than the zombie? Start your own zombie horde with our Zombie Halloween Props.
  • Halloween Illusions

    These Halloween props are not what they seem. For a completely immersive experience, our Halloween Illusions will help suspend disbelief for your haunted house or costume.
  • Complete Haunted House Prop Rooms

    Save time and money with our Complete Haunted House Prop Rooms - everything you need to complete your haunted house room, all in one bundle.
  • Haunted Illusion Plans

    These are real blueprints that are drawn to scale - these Haunted Illusion Plans have a comprehensive rundown on materials needed, and even performance details!

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