"Tattered Tuxedo Jacket - Adult" Halloween Costume Acccessory

"Tattered Tuxedo" Jacket (Adult)

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Since people usually choose to be buried in their nicest clothes, it makes sense that the first wave of the zombie apocalypse will be very well dressed. The dead will rise from their graves in gowns, dresses, suits and tuxedos. If you see a walker in ordinary clothes, chances are they were bitten and infected by the dapper first-wave zombies. This is something to ponder while you fortify your house and prepare to make a final stand. Good luck!

The Tattered Tuxedo Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is a perfect compliment to any decaying undead or ghastly ghoul mask. This grey/black jacket features a dark velvet trim. One size fits most, up until size 44, just pair this coat with dirty dress pants and you're all set for a night on the town.

Add a new character to your haunted house, go trick or treating as a dignified ghoul. Welcome guests to your spooky cocktail party, or mingle with other zombies, vampires and demons at the masquerade ball. With this adaptable costume and a little imagination, the sky is the limit.

One size fits most up to 44.