"Predator" Movie Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Predator" Costume (Adult Size)

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They say, "If it bleeds, you can kill it." Well, you may just have to nuke the whole island. The Predator traveled from the other side of the galaxy to hunt the universe's most dangerous prey; humans. Now he's here, and he's intent on recording as many kills as possible. If this wicked extraterrestrial warrior gets you in his sights, your days are definitely numbered. A classic monster and sci-fi character, the Predator is an instantly recognizable brute.

With the predator Halloween costume from The Horror Dome, you'll have a great look that's sure to freak out the neighbors and entertain fans of the movie franchise. This full body outfit features a jumpsuit with attached EVA chest piece, shoulder, arm and leg guards, belt, hand covers and a premium mask. It's all you need to play the role of a fearless alien hunter this Halloween. Have friends dress as commandos sent to capture you, or pair up with an Aliens-style alien and reenact an intergalactic battle between two ruthless species. This fantastic costume is one size fits most adults, and made to last.

Jumpsuit with attached EVA chest piece, shoulder, arm and leg guards, belt, hands and mask. One size fits most adults.