"Dark Sorcerer / Wizard" Value Halloween Costume

"Dark Sorcerer / Wizard" Costume

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Conjure up a devilish character this Halloween with the Dark Sorcerer costume from The Horror Dome. This complete set features a warlock-style black robe with long baggy sleeves that will give you a free range of motion as you cast demonic spells. A large, imposing hood covers your head, giving onlookers but a fleeting glimpse of your wicked face. A jet black waist sash keeps your robe positioned properly, and a jeweled bat medallion tops off the look. A little makeup is all you need for a night of dark magic and good times.

The Dark Sorcerer makes a wonderful addition to any haunted house, and is a creepy character to lurk on the outskirts of the renaissance faire, and great for LARPing with your pals. Greet the neighborhood trick or treaters as a curmudgeonly old wizard, or cast a +5 dexterity spell and cut loose on the dance floor at the masquerade ball. However you choose to play this classic role, you'll enjoy a premium-quality costume that looks like it sprung to life from the pages of a fantasy novel.

Black robe, hood with attached cape collar, waist sash, and jeweled bat medallion. Large size fits 42-44.