Stalkaround Puppet Costumes


As your guests slowly enter the first room of your haunted house, you know they aren't prepared for the ghastly sights they are about to behold. Even the bravest thrill-seekers and experienced monster hunters are about to be scared out of their wits. Soon, towering figures emerge form the dark as lighting and sound effects overwhelm your visitors' senses. You hear them scream with horrified delight. Little do they know, this is only the beginning.

Stalkaround puppet Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome are costume puppet hybrids that are designed to sit on the wearer's shoulders. The result is a larger than life character who can stand over 8' tall, depending on the actor's height. With arms controlled like a puppet and highly detailed, hand painted features, these menacing beasts look strikingly realistic.

Perfect for professional haunted houses, and an absolute show stopper at the next costume party, Stalkaround costumes allow you to move the creature's head and all directions, and even make creepy eye-contact with petrified onlookers. With a little practice, these revolting characters will come to life and provide an unforgettable fright. Take your attraction to the next level today.

6 products

6 products