"Andromeda Resurrection" Alien Halloween Mask

"Andromeda Resurrection" Alien Halloween Mask

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Earthlings, prepare to meet your new rulers. The Andromeda Resurrection Alien has been circling the planet for decades, doing all sorts of heinous experiments on animals and humans. Having finally invented a mind control device, he's ready to call in the invasion fleet and put humankind to work in a series of intergalactic labor camps. For an unknown reason, you and your friends are immune to his mind control. Do you run and hide, or stage a rebellion?

The Andromeda Resurrection Alien mask from The Horror Dome is a shockingly realistic over the head design that is both Hollywood-quality and collection-worthy. This mask features a bulbous green noggin, serpent-like menacing yellow eyes, a multi-ridged nose, and a small, evil mouth. Hand-crafted for extra detail, this premium creation looks like it walked straight out of a classic sci-fi flick.

Set up a UFO lab in your haunted house, or roam the neighborhood on Halloween in search of intelligent life and delicious candy. Wear this full coverage green alien mask with a black cloak for a seamless look. Make your town think the invasion is imminent with this excellent extraterrestrial mask.

Full over the head latex mask, individually hand painted and sculpted.