Scary Halloween Masks


Do you want to be a ghastly demon, bent on spreading pain and agony throughout humankind? Perhaps you'd like to play an undead bloodsucker who swoops down from his castle to feast on the townspeople at night. Maybe you want to let your mind take a vacation, and dress as a braindead zombie, stumbling and bumbling through the dark, in search of juicy flesh. Whatever type of monster you want to play, you can be sure there's a Scary Mask for it at The Horror Dome.

These cinema-quality, over the head designs are hand detailed for maximum realism. Manufactured from premium latex, they are highly durable, and sure to be crowd pleasers, year after year. Outfit a group of friends and roam the land as a horde of walkers, or stage a fake alien invasion. Add captivating and creepy new characters to your professional haunted house, or shoot a budget horror flick with a freaky supernatural villain.

Unsure of what you want to be this scary season? Browse this collection of Scary Masks from The Horror Dome. One of these murderous mugs is certain to jump out at you (not literally, though).

269 products

269 products