"Freddy Krueger" Collector Bust Halloween Decoration

"Freddy Krueger" Collector Bust Halloween Decoration

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It can't hurt you, right? It's only a dream, they said. Well, that turned out to be a load of baloney. Freddy Krueger posses the supernatural ability to slip into your mind while you slumber and murder you from within a dream. The only way to stay safe from this relentless killer? Don't go to sleep. Drink coffee, take speed, use the buddy system. Put off the inevitable as long as you can, but eventually, you'll have to fall asleep.

The Freddy collector's bust from The Horror Dome is a cinema-quality display that stands over 18"" tall. Depicting the mug of this classic slasher film star, it looks a little too real for comfort. Featuring Freddy's degrading skin, cold, empathy-less eyes, blotches of exposed flesh, and iconic fedora, this bust will make a wonderful addition to any collection of horror movie merchandise.

Bring home a conversation starter for your basement barroom, or put together a hall of Hollywood's greatest villains for your guests to peruse while they wait to enter your attraction. Instantly recognizable, this Freddy Krueger bust looks like it was plucked off a movie lot.

Freddy Display Bust Contains: 18in. high display bust. Special Features: Includes hat, numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity. Color As Shown