Realistic Human Masks


    From an infected zombie, to a ghostly apparition, and torture victim, or a poor fellow suffering from a parasitic infestation, these Realistic Human Masks are so shockingly lifelike, they'll give you nightmares just from catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. If you're running a commercial haunted house, you know that realism counts for a lot. These amazing designs are hand painted, haired and detailed by the talented artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome. The result is an eerily alive effect that will have your guests shaking in their boots.

    Full, over the head masks, these premium latex creations will give you a seamless, professional look when worn with a shirt or jacket. Complete an unforgettable costume that will freak out the neighborhood, cause partygoers to do a double take at the masquerade ball, and make trick or treaters think twice about approaching your porch in search of candy.

    Shoot an indie slasher flick with these cinema-quality masks or add them to your collection of macabre merchandise. Shop this gruesome selection of real-looking designs, and find the perfect mask for you.

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