"Bad Teddy" Evil Gory Doll Halloween Prop

"Bad Teddy" Evil Gory Doll Halloween Prop

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Teddy was a normal bear until a passageway to Hell opened up underneath his master's playroom. Now, Teddy and all the toys are alive, deranged, and on the hunt for human flesh. This gross grizzly has had a few run ins with other toys and monster hunters. Though he's definitely worse for the wear, he still has an insatiable appetite for murder. Stay away from this wicked playroom, or else Teddy and his minions will have you for dinner.

The Bad Teddy Halloween prop from The Horror Dome is a ghastly take on a classic child's stuffed animal. This latex prop has skin and fur torn away, revealing a hideous boney inside. He has an angry look in his eye that will induce nightmares for weeks. Made from latex, hand detailed for maximum realism, and standing 13" tall, Bad Teddy is a creepy cub for sure. Put the final touches on a demented toy room scene with this brutish bruin. Teddy makes a great addition to any haunted house or collection of macabre merchandise. Welcome trick or treaters to your abode on Halloween with this demonic bear. They won't soon forget the trip to your freaky front porch.

L - 13 inches/W - 12 inches/H - 8 inches).