"Swamp Zombie" Professional Halloween Prop

"Swamp Zombie" Professional Halloween Prop

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Something smells foul, and it's more than just the rank swamp. Through dense brush you see a wetlands walker approach. His only goal? To make a gruesome gumbo out of your gooey guts. As he stumbles forward, you pull out your machete and prepare to do battle. One bite, cut, or little scratch from this disease-ridden zombie, and you'll surely be infected. If he's alone, you can handle him. If there's a horde behind him, you know you're done for. The Full Size Swamp Zombie Halloween decoration is a ghastly goon created by the talented and twisted designers at The Horror Dome. Covered with slime, dirt, moss and decaying flesh that exposes his skeleton, this intricately detailed prop looks shockingly realistic. Whether you'e staging a haunted bayou scene featuring voodoo and the dark arts, or a zombie apocalypse room where hungry walkers surround your guests, this lifelike demon will leave a lasting impression on your guests.