HD Signature Night Terror Costumes


    Halloween is all for fun, right? Demons, vampires, monsters... they can't actually exist. Lurking in the shadows, committing gruesome acts, and somehow never getting caught and examined by scientists. It just doesn't seem likely... until you run into a Night Terror. These impressive costumes are designed to add up to a whole foot to your height. This means even shorter than average adults will look large and menacing, and tall people will look downright inhuman. People who catch a glimpse of you will wonder if they really saw a person in a costume, or if they saw a supernatural being out on the hunt.

    In this large collection of Night Terror Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome, you'll find a number of freaky variations on classic werewolf, vampire, and demon designs, as well as totally unique characters. They'll make a great addition to your haunted attraction, help you win first prize at the costume contest, and turn heads at the masquerade ball. Enjoy a full body costume that's hand detailed for unparalleled realism. Night Terror costumes also feature oversized hands that are perfect for reaching out and grabbing your next victim.

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