"The Mummy" Professional Halloween Prop

"The Mummy" Professional Halloween Prop

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You've heard the old saying, "better to let sleeping dogs lie?" Well, this is true of much more than tuckered-out canines. Archaeologists dug up this expired pharaoh and brought him to a museum in America. Little did they know, this Mummy was cursed by an ancient warlock. Once removed from his ancestral home, he became animated, and quite agitated. After murdering several of the night guards at the museum, he's loose in the streets, seeking to spread fear, pain, and death.

The Mummy haunted house statue from The Horror Dome is a shockingly realistic prop that looks like it was swiped from a Hollywood production. Hand crafted and detailed by talented artists and craftspeople, this statue stands an imposing 6.5' tall. It features decayed bandages over rotting grey skin. Semi posable, it's easy to get this gross goon in the right position to achieve maximum fright. The Mummy makes a great addition to any hall of monsters at your haunted attraction. Draw more attention to your place of business around the Halloween season, or bring home a conversation starter for your basement bar. Popular for decades, The Mummy truly is a classic monster.