"Gravely the Butler" Halloween Prop

"Gravely the Butler" Halloween Prop

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Gravely, sir, you've been such a loyal servant over the years... maybe one day you'll actually get a raise. Mwhahaha.. Not! This embittered employee has been serving his abusive master for years, for a mere pittance. At this point, Gravely finds it impossible to hide his scowl. Should everyone at the party drop dead from poisoning, we'll have a pretty good idea who is to blame. Revenge is a dish best served cold by this brutish butler.

The Gravely the Butler Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a 5' 4"" tall prop with a flat back, designed to stand up against the wall. He has wrinkly brown skin with thin strands of grey hair jutting out of a mostly bald dome. He wears a classic butler tux, and sports an angry grimace. He holds a serving dish, which is a great place to put anything from a drink to the severed head of his one-time master.

Set a ghoulish dining scene in your macabre mansion, or take home a creepy prop that will get the conversation started in your basement barroom. Gravely is sure to be a favorite amongst kids and adults alike.

5'4" tall Polyfoam prop Life-sized, has 2/3 frontal view and is completely hand detailed.