Horror Masks


The Horror Dome is proud to provide a collection of horrific Halloween masks that represent some of the greatest minds in fright. From extra-terrestrial visitors looking to probe your deepest secrets to the iconic designs made famous by Slipknot, we've got it all. There's nothing that brings the true spirit of Halloween to the night, like seeing your favorite horror movie faces out on the town.

Be part of that experience with our incredible Horror Mask line! Each of these Halloween masks faithfully reproduces the first loves of horror at the hands of a dedicated craftsman with a love of the genre. Using premium quality latex combined with unparalleled craftsmanship produces a horror mask that will deliver feelings of terror and nostalgia in equal measure.

What's a horror extravaganza without a little body horror? In tribute to this long-loved member of the horror genre, this collection also includes our goriest bloody Halloween masks. From horrific faces crawling their way out of a horror clowns mouth to zombies with a face that is half roadkill, you're sure to find a Halloween mask that suits your inner viscera-dripping fiend.

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1 product