"Little Brother Chest Piece" Halloween Costume Accessory

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Don't get lonely on Halloween. With the Little Brother latex chest plate from The Horror Dome, you'll always have a family member at your side. Hand detailed and made from premium materials, this Hollywood-quality costume accessory looks shockingly realistic. Wear it with an open button-up shirt or blazer for a seamless, professional look. Tell your guests that you were a victim of a top secret government experiment that went awry, or bitten by a supernatural or alien beast, and became infected with this festering parasite. Create a detailed backstory for your character, or let your patrons fill in the blanks with their own imaginations.

Add a wonderful new scene to your attraction, or freak out local trick or treaters as they make the rounds. Hide him under a cloak until your friends get close, and then reveal your little buddy when they aren't expecting it. This bare chest plate features a small humanoid demon emerging from the wearer's stomach. A creepy C-section, Little Brother is finally done growing, and ready to enter the world. Discover a bone chilling costume accessory today.