Horror Busts and Models


    Something seems eerily wicked about the hall of macabre wonders. You're certain these are just props, but wow, do they look like the real thing. Could it be possible this museum of alien, undead, and occult oddities is more than just a clever ploy to separate gullible spectators from their hard earned cash? As you exit, you're left with the unshakable feeling that you've just witnessed evil marvels that you can't quite explain.

    Horror busts and models from The Horror Dome are intricately detailed by highly talented, and slightly demented artists and craftspeople. These Hollywood-quality props are strikingly realistic, and look as if they're about to come alive. Whether you're running a commercial haunted house attraction, or a serious collector of freakish curiosities, you'll find these well-made models and busts won't disappoint.

    Choose from classic movie characters, instantly recognizable monsters, and unique creations. Your guests will love examining these impressive props. They make a great conversation starter for your basement bar, and help set the mood in your movie room. Browse this diverse selection from The Horror Dome today, and bring home a ghastly bust or model.

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