"Inbred Evil Twin" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

"Inbred Evil Twin" HD Studios Pro Costume

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Shunned by the townspeople for their genetic disarray, these backwoods bros are planning revenge on society. From a small family out in the styx comes this conjoined monstrosity. They say one of them is good, and one is the Evil Twin. But which is which? From playing the banjo and sipping moonshine for two, to beating the pulp out of unlucky hikers just for fun, these demented brothers patrol their property with zeal. Make sure you stay on the right side of the fence, or else you'll end up skinned like a squirrel. This unique In-Bred Evil Twin Halloween costume features a separate, two-faced head that sits on your shoulder. The effect is a realistic look that borders on freakish, terrifying and comedic. Once these sinister siblings get ahold of you though, it will be no laughing matter. Perfect for terrorizing a hayride or a frightening farm scene in your haunted house, this Horror Dome original design won't soon be forgotten.