HD Studios Professional Costumes

When you're ready to move beyond simple masks for a whole-body costume experience, the HD Studios Halloween Costume line is waiting. Within this line is found an entire range of horror personas, from the legendary sasquatch himself, Bigfoot to the fetid flesh-dropping Zombie Lurker. These designs bring the same high-quality craftsmanship found in the rest of our product lines to a full Halloween costume experience, unlike any other.

Preparing for a fully-featured Halloween graveyard at your home or Haunt? We offer an entire line of zombie costume designs sporting rotting flesh, bone, and stylish attire. Want to deliver that special level of screaming horror that comes with a life-size moving creepy-doll? We've got you covered. Maybe you need a master of ceremonies for your ghoulish affair? The Caretaker costume with its dapper top hat is sure to suit your needs.

From high-quality fabric to master-crafted latex designs, the HD Studios Halloween Costume line has everything you need to create an experience your guests will never forget.

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