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    Take your fright game to the next level with unique Horror Dome signature pro studio masks from this demented selection. Conceived and hand crafted by the twisted minds at The Horror Dome, in this line, you'll find one of a kind designs that will turn heads at the next costume party or masquerade ball, freak out guests at your haunted house, and make the neighborhood kids think twice before approaching your home in search of candy.

    These movie-quality masks are full, over the head designs. They feature a shoulder and chest plate that will slide under your shirt or jacket and allow for a professional, seamless look. Hand placed hairs, and wonderfully textured skin will send chills down your spine. Made from durable latex and other choice materials, these fine products are long lasting, and will retain their bone-chilling appearance for years.

    Shoot a low-budget zombie flick that goes viral on the internet, or fake an alien encounter. Wear them around town or add them to your collection of macabre merchandise. Browse today, and discover an original mask that speaks to your inner demon.

    Horror Dome Signature Pro Studio Masks

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