HD Studios Halloween Props


In this selection of ghastly gear, you'll find Signature Halloween Props that will give any macabre mansion, paranormal porch, or haunted home an unforgettable, bone-chilling edge. Whether you're a haunt industry pro who entertains thousands of guests every year, or just looking to set up a scary scene at your abode or place of business, you'll find these fantastic designs are up to the task. Choose from a variety of alarming accessories including severed heads, torn torsos, magic mirrors, animatronic surprises and demented puppets.

Hand painted, haired and detailed by the experienced craftspeople at The Horror Dome, these Hollywood-quality products offer big-budget looks without breaking the bank. Shockingly realistic, you won't want to turn your back on designs from this line. They look as though they could come alive in an instant.

Add a decapitated victim to your hall of horrors, great trick or treaters with a puppet show, or stage a zombie apocalypse scene in front of your shop and increase visibility. With these expertly designed props, you'll have and engaging, exhilarating, and adaptable product. Start assembling a deranged display today.

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