"Whirling Ghosts - Light Show Projector" Haunted House Lighting Effects

"Whirling Ghosts - Light Show Projector" Haunted House Lighting Effects

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Some say this imposing derelict mansion was built on a vortex that links to the spirit world. Others say it was the site of a ghastly mass murder and it's still filled with angry souls who cannot reach the afterlife due to their violent and traumatic end. Streaking across the wall, you see Whirling Ghosts with menacing grins on their featureless faces. Can you survive the night in this atrocious abode?

The Whirl Ghost Lightshow projector from The Horror Dome is a startling visual effect that's perfect for display on both exterior and interior walls. A complete breeze to set up, this motorized light projector will quickly have your home or place of business looking scary for the Halloween season. Add these spiraling specters to a dark basement wall or ceiling in your haunted house, and make your guests feel like real spirits are swirling around their heads.

Made from premium materials, this high-quality design will be a neighborhood favorite, year in and year out. Let the family next door win the prize for best Christmas lights. We all know decorating for Halloween is much more fun!