Haunted Lighting


The perfect Halloween scare requires making effective use of light and shadow. Our Halloween Lighting Effects can be used to either reveal or conceal the hidden horrors of your haunt until the perfect moment. Our Haunted Lighting effects collection includes everything you’ll need to play with this combination of Halloween Special Effects to create screams they’ll remember. The Attic Light is one of our personal favorites, and a great standby for any time when you need a flickering, unreliable light bulb to light the way. Want to fill the night with floating faces of the dead?

Our “White Faces – Light Show Projector” comes with gruesome and haunting faces to give your haunt a ghostly feel. Those looking for a dose of gruesome horror with their lighting need look no further than the “Human Lamp” that appears to be made of two faces stitched together and held up by a severed forearm. These Haunted House Special Effects are engineered with care and precision to ensure they’re safe in any environment and will stand up to the rigors of that a good haunt will put them through.

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