"Spiders Lightshow Projector" Haunted House Lighting

"Spiders Lightshow Projector" Haunted House Lighting

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Rumor has it, an army of vicious, blood-sucking spiders guard this wicked mansion. From the end of the long, treacherous driveway, you can see them crawling all over the side of the building, setting an ominous tone for whatever lies inside. It's a bad time to be arachnophobic. As you approach the infested abode, a shiver runs up your spine, and you consider bolting for the safety of home.

The Lightshow Project Spiders motion projector is the perfect way to make any wall or ceiling come to life. Use it to project angry arachnids on the side of your home during the Halloween season, and make your place a neighborhood attraction. Nothing says ""Costume Party Here!"" like these eight-legged arthropods dancing on the wall. Add spiders to a basement wall or ceiling in your professional haunted house and watch guests tremble in fear. Display these creepy crawlies at your place of business, and draw attention to your brand.

Brilliantly designed by the talented and twisted artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome, the Lightshow Project Spiders effects unit is a complete breeze to set up. Built to last, you'll be freaking out arachnophobes for years to come with this amazing machine.