Hands & Feet Costume Accessories


    You try to doze off to sleep, but something just doesn't feel right. There's an eerie chill flowing through the corridors of this old mansion, and you hear a soft creaking of wooden floorboards and a faint scraping sound. It's your third night at this abode, and maybe you're just not used to its... idiosyncrasies? Unable to sleep, you get up for a glass of water. As you make your way to the kitchen, a boney hand reaches out and grabs you by the arm. No wonder this estate was going for so cheap.

    Put the finishing touches on a ghastly new look with Hands & Feet Halloween costume accessories from The Horror Dome. Made from premium latex and hand detailed, these atrocious appendages are available in a range of designs, including zombie, demon, skeleton, werewolf, alien, vampire and more. Pair them with the right mask and dirty, torn up clothing, and you'll have a ghastly look that's perfect for terrorizing patrons at your haunted house, or freaking out the neighborhood kids on Halloween. Often there's nothing more frightening that a rotting, skinny finger reaching out from behind a curtain or from around a corner. Create a terrifying fright with a little imagination and these petrifying props.


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