"Rotted Corpse" Skeleton Halloween Prop

"Rotted Corpse" Skeleton Halloween Prop

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Chained up in the dungeon and for decades forgotten, this hapless hombre became decayed and rotten. While withering away, and facing a slow and painful death, he placed a curse on his captors and all who enter his sinister castle. Explorers who first discovered the Rotted Corpse, all quickly contracted a mysterious illness and died within days. As you stand before his haunting carcass, you wonder about your own fate.

The Rotted Corpse Halloween decoration is a full body sized prop, fitted with freaky lights in all the right places. Hand detailed by the talented and twisted artists at The Horror Dome, he's so realistic looking, you can almost smell the nauseating musk of decaying flesh. At this point, is frame is only covered in a few remnants of meat and some scraggly hair. He's quite a disgusting sight, to say the least.

This cinema-quality decoration will put the finishing touches on an torture chamber, dungeon, or demented jail scene in your haunted house. Skeletons like this condemned creature are highly adaptable, and can work with many different narratives. Be inspired by this gruesome design today.