Halloween Animatronics


While decorations and props are certainly the first steps to creating a phantasmagorical Halloween experience, nothing says terror like breathing a little life into your event with Halloween animatronics. While a stationary prop can certainly add a degree of spook to a room, nothing gets screams like having an animatronic zombie bursting out of your front yard graveyard at passing guests.

Want to add a little macabre playtime to your home? Everyone knows that creepy children are the best spine-tingling terror around, so why not include our swinging decrepit doll and swinging skeletal boy sets to your front yard swing?

When incantations are in the mix, you need a proper representative to be there should the darkest of ghouls arrive. Our spell speaking witch combines lights, animation, and voice together to add an eldritch air to your event. From creepy animatronic barrels that steam and bubble to pneumatic horror devices that spook your guests with sudden blasts of air, The Horror Dome can help you take your event to the next level.

2 products

2 products