Graveyard Halloween Animatronics


There’s no place as classic as a graveyard for a good Halloween scare, which is probably why so many haunts feature at least a section of their space to it. In honor of this traditional scare-space, we’ve produced an entire line of Halloween animatronics focused on grave horror. Within the Graveyard Animatronics collection, you’ll find classics including gore-soaked vampires soaring on bat wings, zombies rising from the grave, and haunted monuments that lung to greet passers-by.

Each of these Animated Graveyard Props is produced with care and precision by our team of horror experts. The creatures feature the same high-quality latex composition used to create our life-like masks, giving them a special depth only found at the Horror Dome. These Graveyard Animatronics provide great choices for mausoleum sets, catacombs full of dusty rotting coffins, just about any necropolis set you could imagine. A personal favorite of ours is the “Going My Way? Ghosts”, classy gentlemen in Tophats looking for a ride out of their personal hell.

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