"Skeleton with Light Up Lantern" Hanging Halloween Prop - 60 Inch

"Skeleton with Light Up Lantern" Hanging Halloween Prop - 60 Inch

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Hung from the rafters as a warning to all those who may cross the dark sorcerer, this unlucky bloke has decayed into nothing more than hair and bones. His lantern, powered by an evil curse, always burns brightly to illuminate his skeletal face. You pause to consider the violent fate that awaits if you are caught trying to steal this wizard's ancient book of spells. Driven by the desire for power and wealth, you continue upon your quest, shaken, but determined.

The 60" Skeleton with Light Up Lantern Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a pro-quality prop that will have your guests and visitors shaking in fear. At five feet tall, this life size Skeleton is made from hard plastic and clothed in tattered rags. Thin, wiry hair protrudes from his skull. He's lightweight and easy to hang. Whether you're running a professional haunted house attraction, or just looking for a great way to get your home in the Halloween spirit, you'll find the Skeleton with Light Up Lantern is a classic fright that will fit right in with a variety of scenes and themes.

Easy to hang option. Lantern requires 3 watch size batteries included. 60 inches tall.