"Mummy" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 6'

"Mummy" Hanging Halloween Decoration - 6'

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The curse of the Mummy is nothing to fool around with. Every explorer who has tried to locate the fabled lost treasure in this ancient crypt has succumb to a nefarious fate. Healthy young men, suddenly become old and diseased, or fall victim to strange accidents. Some just totally disappear, never to be seen again. However, the temptation of untold riches is just too much for some. There will always be a treasure hunter willing to risk it all for material gain.

Set a ghastly ancient scene with the Hanging Mummy Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This 6' tall, life sized prop is lightweight and easy to position. Hide him around a corner and illuminate him with a strobe when your unsuspecting guest passes by, or have him displayed hanging on the porch while trick or treaters make the rounds. The Mummy hanging decoration features a hand detailed face covered in decaying skin, a gross brown shroud, and posable arms. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or get your home in the holiday spirit before the big costume party with this fantastic Mummy prop.

6 foot hanging mummy with draping costumes, character head, hands and adjustable arms.