"Attic Light with Short Circuit Effect" Haunted House Lighting

"Attic Light with Short Circuit Effect" Haunted House Lighting

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Late at night, you notice the creaking of what sounds like footsteps coming from the ceiling. Could something be moving around up there in the attic? No one in the family has been up there in years, perhaps a raccoon or opossum has found their way in. Slightly nervous, you go up to investigate. Flicking on the Attic Light, you are shocked to see a large figure emerge from the darkness. You shriek at the top of your lungs, but no one hears your hopeless plea for help!

The Attic Light Short Circuit effect lamp is the perfect dim, flickering light for any horrifying attic or dingy basement scene. Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, these lamps are designed to look rusty, old, and dirty. In a professional haunted house, every little detail counts, and these Hollywood-quality props will go a long way towards making your guests believe they are really in a run-down mansion, abandoned abode, or creepy cellar.

Place a few on your porch to welcome trick or treaters this Halloween, or use them to set an eerie mood at your place of business. Made from premium materials, these awesome designs will last for years.