Halloween Creature Props - Full Size


    As you explore the depths of a darkened dungeon, you struggle to see through the dimly lit passageway. In environments like this, your senses can play tricks on you. You turn a corner and think you can decipher the outline of a humanoid form. Morbid curiosity seizes you and you step forward. Suddenly, a strobe light erupts and you realize a hideous monster is standing right in front of you.

    With full size Creature Halloween props from The Horror Dome, you'll have a bone-chilling character for your haunted house or museum of the macabre. These movie-quality props look like they were swiped right off a Hollywood lot. Hand detailed, painted and haired by talented and inspired artists, you'll find the high level of realism to be absolutely stunning.

    From medieval gargoyles and giant dragons, to extraterrestrial invaders from a distant galaxy and undead demons who want to steal your soul, there's something for almost any setting in this collection. Go all out on your decorations this Halloween, or bring home an incredible conversation starter for your basement bar or movie room. Full size characters from this line are so realistic, you won't feel comfortable turning your back on them.

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