Flesh Eater Costumes


    Remember the first time you bit into a fillet mignon? The savory flavor of a tender morsel releasing it's delicious juices and covering your taste buds with pure bliss. Now, imagine that sensation times 100. Well, that's exactly what a zombie experiences when they sink their teeth into live human flesh. It's actually pretty easy to understand why these ravenous man-eaters will go to any length to get a chomp of fresh meat. Watch your back, or else you'll end up on the menu.

    In this collection of Flesh Eater Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome, you'll find an undead army's worth of bone-chilling characters who are on the prowl for human meat. Each design in this selection is hand detailed by talented, and twisted, artists and craftspeople. You'll have a cinema-quality look that will cause your neighbors to run in terror.

    Add a new zombie to your haunted house attraction, turn heads at the costume party, or scare the socks off of any trick or treater who is foolish enough to approach your front door on Halloween. Browse this line today, and find the right undead brute for you.

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