Creepy Clown Props & Decorations


    Years ago, a very tiny car carrying two dozen clowns was driven off the road by a reckless trucker. All 24 of these hapless bozos died in what still is the worst clown car accident of all time. They say their angry souls could never find peace, and on the anniversary of the crash, they return to the world of the living to seek their revenge. Watch your back as you head home from the big top, the date of the infamous accident is fast approaching.

    Creepy Clown Halloween decorations and props from The Horror Dome will freak out the bravest monster hunters, and send your coulrophobic guests running for the hills. From extra tall hanging clowns that are perfect for haunted house attractions with high ceilings, and fearsome animatronics that twist, twitch, swing, and laugh maniacally as visitors nervously pass by, there's a lot to choose from in this diverse line of murderous jesters. Hand detailed by talented artists and craftspeople, these clown props and animatronics look unsettlingly real. You won't feel comfortable turning your back on a wicked joker from this collection.

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